The Violin and The Sandman

On a dust ridden red bench he sat
with a violin in his trembling hands
he began to sing.
Looking up over the clock towers
and through rose colored shades
he began to strum.
Two birds danced
and shook their feathers
as he began to stand.
The violin turned into sand.
And so his time was stopped.
He looked at the sand
and dove in.


Monday, August 20, 2012


K, Now Go.

1. Sadistik
"The Exception To Everything"

2. Kristoff Krane
"Work" Featuring Slug 

3. Input
"Diamonds On The Inside" 

4. Tonedeff & Kno
"My Lady"

5. Eyedea & Abilities

6. Cecil Otter
"Sufficiently Breathless"

7. Mr. SOS

8. Sapient
"Ready For Whatever"

9. Inverse
"Everything Is Beautiful"

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