The Violin and The Sandman

On a dust ridden red bench he sat
with a violin in his trembling hands
he began to sing.
Looking up over the clock towers
and through rose colored shades
he began to strum.
Two birds danced
and shook their feathers
as he began to stand.
The violin turned into sand.
And so his time was stopped.
He looked at the sand
and dove in.


Wednesday, May 23, 2012

This Shit Is Funny.

But According to the online site "NME"
It's just seriously depressing.

Here are some sad facts about what is popular 
in terms of music right now.

Let Us Begin.

#1. Bruno Mars has already had three more Number One singles than Pink Floyd ever did.

#2. The Dirty Dancing soundtrack has sold more than nine times more (42 million) than the Trainspotting one.

#3. Limp Bizkit’s ‘Chocolate Starfish And The Hot Dog Flavoured Water’ 
sold twice as many copies as 
The Smiths’ ‘Hatful Of Hollow’ album.

#3. Boyzone have had more Number One albums (five) 
than the Arctic Monkeys (four).

#4. Michael Buble's 'Crazy Love' has sold almost three times as many copies as New Order's 'Technique'.

#5. Katy Perry’s had as many US Number Ones (seven) from one album as Michael Jackson has.

#6. Cliff Richard’s 'Millennium Prayer' has sold 10 times more copies than Prince’s ‘When Doves Cry’.

Now wait a minute, who is Cliff Richard?


Who is this dude.
I Totally agree with the cover title
"The Rare and Unseen."

7. Blue have had three times as many Number Ones (three) as The Animals.

Now wait a minute, who is Blue?

No Idea.

oh boy.

Yes they look cool
sitting on that pepsi sign
but they really topped the Animals
in the music charts?

Watch Blue Sing Here: One Love

Shoot, I just listened to them
It's sickening but I think I like them.

8. Number one albums by Steps – three. Number one albums by The Clash – zero.

We all know who the Clash is
Of Course.
What the hell is

9. In the US, the cast of Glee has had more songs in the charts than the Beatles.

10. Chris De Burgh’s ‘Lady In Red’ has sold 13 times as many copies as Joy Division’s Love Will Tear Us Apart’.

11. Ricky Martin has had nine times 
as many top 40 hits as the Pixies.

12. David Gray’s ‘White Ladder’ has sold 14 times as many copies of Ryan Adams’ ‘Gold’ album.

13. Number One albums Celion Dion has had: five. Number John Lennon has had: three.

14. Ashlee Simpson has had four times as many Top 10 hits as 90s alt-rock gods The Breeders.

They said I would be depressed.
I Didn't believe it.
But now I've learned
I am a little

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