The Violin and The Sandman

On a dust ridden red bench he sat
with a violin in his trembling hands
he began to sing.
Looking up over the clock towers
and through rose colored shades
he began to strum.
Two birds danced
and shook their feathers
as he began to stand.
The violin turned into sand.
And so his time was stopped.
He looked at the sand
and dove in.


Sunday, May 20, 2012

♥ Live Your Life Through A Song ♥ Try It, Its Interactive.

 Music has the power to inspire anyone who will allow it to & It can immediately change the course of ones day.  

What if you applied at least one song to your life every day? 

Listen more closely to the lyrics of your favorite song & see if it gives you any ideas for your morning, afternoon or evening.
If music can change your course, Music can change your life.

↓ Below are some of my new favorite bands ↓

I'm going to show you how it can be done and provide some ideas with some new songs I have just discovered.

Asaf Avidan 

What I got from these lyrics is that we all want to be loved by another person.  So today go out and flirt with someone you find attractive, ask someone out, tell someone you love them, go after that person you have always liked, etc.  Its ALWAYS worth a try. 

"Everybody wants somebody"

The Front Bottoms

Think of a place where you have always wanted to travel- You've been dreaming of going there for years.  Sit down and plan the trip. Make a collage of your dream experience & then make a piggy bank so you cant start saving.  You'll get there

or you can post a map up in your room.

Hungry Ghosts
"I Don't Think About You Anymore, But I Don't Think About You Any Less"

Its simple: Drink a glass of wine or take a unique dance glass.  I think this song can really bring inspiration. 

Angus & Julia Stone
"Another Day"

If you're heartbroken and in love with someone that isn't in love with you- write a song about it.

"There goes another day, don't suppose I'll come out to play with you.  I'll just sit at home, write another song about how I wanted to."

The Wooden Sky
"Oh My God"

Research this band. Learn Harmonica. 
"Wake up you're getting old"
Stand naked in the cold. Try & make it on your own. Dream about mountains. Take all the "little pieces" -put them in one big box and throw away the key.

Sleeping At Last
"Turning Page"

Go get the girl or boy of yours dreams. 
Notice something new that you like about the person you're with.

Other Lives
"Tamer Animals"

Totally up to you for interpretation ♥

Marek Hemmann

Go for a run & play this song first.
Make a smoothie with this song playing.
Go drive somewhere random with this song playing.
Learn more about the Gemini astrology sign.
Learn more about Marek & his music.
Go to a nice evening club tonight.

Oneohtrix Point Never
Any Song
(I would recommend "Replica")

Don't get deja vu.  I just did.

"The Morning Sun"

Drink a couple of beers to this song. 
Or screw it, just get totally trashed to this song.
 Maybe play some ping-pong or frisbee out in your front yard with  a group of friends.
Learn how to mosh in a somewhat Irish manner.


I think its time to spend your day at a coffee shop. 
Find "your" coffee shop- one that inspires you.
If you live in a city-print out a list and go "tour" coffee shops. 
Also seek out new people & good conversation.

The Milk Carton Kids

Just feel this song.

It's beautiful.

Flight Facilities
"Crave You"

Dance. Dance. Dance
Go to a dub step or techno show.

The Morning Benders

Watch the music video to "Excuses"
Guess how old the members of the band are.
Find out.

Trent Dabbs
"Take It All In"

Take it all in.
What a cutie. Paste a picture of Trent Dabbs on your wall ♥

Willis Earl Beal
"Same Old Tears"

Borrow some of his enthusiasm.

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